CSI Basel 2012: L’esprit suisse d’abord!

11 janvier 2012 Non Par Jumpinews

Urs Grünig: – » on a eu chaud! »

Ou quand le patriotisme domine l’argent!


Steve Guerdat, Pius Schwizer, Beat Mandli, Werner Muff, Janika Sprunger, Clarissa Crotta…There will be 16 Swiss riders altogether going in for all the different trials of the CSI Basel. The Swiss Delegation just got away, almost undiminished, from the thundering winter mercato! It’s almost an exploit for the team leader Urs Grünig, who admits he had a narrow escape these past few weeks : “given the prospects of the London Olympic Games, the market literally soared and the heaviest offers came to the owners. We had to elbow our way through, and sometimes strike the sentitive cord on patriotism, but in the end I’m glad to hear that our best hopefuls remain amongst our Swiss riders.” This statement suggests that here as well, some just came close the disaster…These horse sales probably would’ve brought happiness to some nations, but on the other hand, they would’ve without any doubt carried weight on the Helvetian hopefuls’ basket : “ Countries from Middle East and Eastern Europe solicited us from everywhere. For sure, the offers were quite attractive but we are lucky to have owners with a patriotic spirit!” Thus, Carlina, Louis, Verdi, Touchable, Uptown Boy, Westside but also Kiamon were the most coveted. With offers going from 2 to 5 millions of euros, one can indeed say that patriotism and sportsmanship win the Prize of Honor of the Swiss owners. Given their personal fortune, these owners are probably not in the need to sell, but knowing the risks and the potential of brilliance of some competitors, needless to say that these people are real patrons. They’re passionate, but also devoted to their riders…it’s worth noting it since it might help bearing the way they jump from one mood to another during the trials…

The Swiss just made a first Olympic step. By refusing many offers, they honor the spirit of Baron de Coubertin.

Until the London deadline, the Swiss Elite shall try to sparkle on the top of the CSI Basel podiums.