Jumping Amsterdam: Kürten remporte le GP

22 janvier 2012 Non Par Jumpinews

Jessica Kürten  de retour au sommet!

Jessica Kürt

By winning the Amsterdam GP, the Irish Woman reminded to the people who might have forgotten her that she’s still here! Along with 40 riders at the start of the GP, she performs with Vincente the fastest clear round of all the 6 playoff riders, scoring 34”76. Bodes well on this St Vincent Sunday!

Vidéo HERE 

Vidéo ICI

It’s not the end for Jessica Kürten yet…

A tightly bunched podium.

Jessica Kürten is ahead of the Dutchman by 3 hundredth of second, who takes the 2nd position with Eurocommerce California in 34,79secs. The Swiss rider Steve Guerdat gets the 3rd position by performing a double clear round with Jalisca Solier in 34’92. Three riders in the same second ! A great moment of sport, for the pleasure of the crowd!

Regarding the French riders, Pénélope Leprevost may have won the previous trial with Modena, but she made two faults in the 1st round with Nayana and won’t have been able to fill the French void in this GP.

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